Telefonica to trial wireless virtualised RAN from Parallel Wireless

Parallel Wireless vRAN will enable low cost coverage solutions to be implemented in rural and dense urban areas, allowing efficient spectrum management with simple installation and backhaul flexibility

Telefonica to trial wireless virtualised RAN from Parallel Wireless

Telefonica I+D, an innovation unit of the mobile operator, is to trial US firm Parallel Wireless’ virtualised RAN (vRAN) solution to provide digital services in dense urban and remote areas in European and Latin American markets.

The new partnership will advance Telefonica’s ongoing innovation in both rural and urban HetNets. Parallel Wireless will enable low cost coverage solutions to be implemented, allowing efficient spectrum management.

These services will leverage the unique capabilities of Parallel Wireless vRAN with its ease of install and backhaul flexibility, including resilient wireless mesh and real-time network orchestration.

The move is part of a general trend whereby mobile operators are looking to discover new ways to connect people in heterogeneous geographies with networks that can deal with exponential growths in traffic demand. A further connected world will enable new generations of wireless services to flourish and continue transforming modern life.

Steve Papa, founder and CEO of Parallel Wireless, said: "As one of the innovative communication providers, Telefonica understands the true potential of improving coverage with global reach by embracing new network architectures, such as virtualisation.

“We are proud to have been selected for these innovation trials to connect the previously unconnected without making extensive capital investments associated with legacy network deployments.

“Low-cost wireless coverage will fuel economic growth, improve infrastructure, and reduce costs for consumers ensuring access to connectivity with the best technology and leaving nobody behind," said Papa.

Telefonica is one of the major telecommunications operators with a presence in 21 countries and more than 320 million accesses around the world.

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