Aerohive deploys Wi-Fi in next gen Auckland shopping centre

Retail analytics provided by the Wi-Fi will give NorthWest Shopping Center insight into consumer behaviours and enable retailers to develop additional propositions for customers

Aerohive deploys Wi-Fi in next gen Auckland shopping centre

Aerohive Networks is to provide NorthWest Shopping Center in Auckland, New Zealand, with a retail Wi-Fi solution. NorthWest is the flagship of the new Westgate Town Center, recognised as a next-generation shopping destination. The Center is owned and managed by Stride Property, one of New Zealand’s largest diversified investment property firms.

Stride Property worked directly with Intellium Technology, a full-service IT Support & Communications provider, to deploy a managed Wi-Fi solution to NorthWest Shopping Center.

The Center deployed Aerohive AP230 access points, cabled to PoE switches for access throughout the shopping complex, including food courts and other common areas. Aerohive’s HiveManager Online allows granular control and cloud-based network management.

NorthWest Shopping Center and Stride Property are able to provide insight to retailers for how shoppers spend their time and other valuable customer behaviour, which will help them create future engagement opportunities.

Customer behaviour is changing profoundly due to the ways technology is being used as part of the shopping experience. In the United States, 82% of smartphone users turn to their phones to make a purchase decision while in stores (Google/Ipsos: Consumers in the Micro-Moment study, March 2015, USA).

Retailers are using Wi-Fi for more than just connectivity, and are taking advantage of technology to build loyalty, understand shopper behaviour and increase sales.

As part of Aerohive’s Personalised Engagement Platform, retail analytics give NorthWest Shopping Center additional insight into shopper behaviour, allowing individual retail outlets to deliver higher quality services and gain a competitive edge.

Aerohive’s retail analytics powered by Euclid provide valuable measurable insight, identify shopper preferences and increased engagement.

Linh Luong, senior marketing manager, Stride Property, said: “We were looking to provide point of differentiation by deploying state of the art technology to deliver unrivalled facilities to retailers and an enhanced shopping experience for customers in store.”

“Through data analytics, we were able to capture data on how shoppers spend their time and where they visit. We learned from the reports that 52% of our shoppers are visiting us for the first time, which reveals we still have room for marketing growth.”

“Intellium and Aerohive both have a track record of delivering projects that meet the highest expectations of the customer,” said Mark Taylor, sales director, Intellium. “The retail data insights offered from Aerohive reflect the extra value we are able to offer to customers.

“This insight into consumer behaviour and business intelligence from Aerohive is one of the reasons wireless networking is now our fastest growing product suite at Intellium.”

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