Van Nelle Fabriek complex deploys Xirrus Wi-Fi

UNESCO World Heritage Site in Rotterdam installs high density Wi-Fi network to serve the 80 entrepreneurs and businesses now housed in the old industrial building

Van Nelle Fabriek complex deploys Xirrus Wi-Fi

The Van Nelle Fabriek complex in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, has installed a Xirrus Wi-Fi network throughout its office spaces and public areas.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Van Nelle Fabriek site originally served as a factory in the 1930s, and also appears in the Netherland’s register of historic monuments. Today, it houses more than 80 entrepreneurs and businesses including a variety of new media and design companies.

One of the Netherlands’ main industrial monument built in the art deco and modernist design, it now offers the very latest in office accommodation, supported by the best in IT systems and connectivity. The Van Nelle Fabriek spans more than 68,000 square metres and offers a mix of event, business, and communal spaces - all set in about 11 hectares of outdoor space.

The Van Nelle Fabriek complex selected Xirrus Wi-Fi as part of a broad infrastructure upgrade. Following this upgrade, all critical building and facilities management systems will be operated and managed via the Wi-Fi network. Businesses will also gain access to a high density 5GHz network that meets current demands for video streaming, cloud-based computing and document sharing - even when the complex plays host to major conferences or other large-scale events.

"All companies housed in our complex require fast and reliable Wi-Fi for business continuity. Because many creative industries have businesses here, they need to be able to stream high resolution video and HD photography and also back-up their large media files to the cloud for safe keeping or file sharing,” said Roger Meertens, general manager of the Van Nelle Fabriek.

“The high density Wi-Fi offered by Xirrus ensures that companies can always rely on their connection, even at times of extreme usage. Xirrus also has the capability to adapt for our future needs, with software programmable radios that can easily cope with new Wi-Fi standards in the future, without us having to resort to costly replacement programmes.”

"The Van Nelle Fabriek joins a long line of iconic European buildings that have selected Xirrus for their Wi-Fi needs,” said Jillian Mansolf, chief commercial oficer at Xirrus. “As an industrial landmark and UNESCO World Heritage site, Van Nelle Fabriek, attracts the some of the most creative and stylish businesses through its doors.

“They may come for the architecture and the beauty of its surrounding gardens, but they stay year after year because the site owners understand the importance of a solid IT network as well as reliable, consistent and fast Wi-Fi.

“We look forward to a long and successful partnership with the building’s owners and to help them continue to supply the very latest in critical business technology far into the future.”


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