Vienna Airport installs TETRA radio network from Hytera

New TETRA two-way radio system has been integrated into the airports existing IT systems and is being used by a range of personnel

Vienna Airport installs TETRA radio network from Hytera

Hytera Mobilfunk has supplied new TETRA two-way radio equipment for Vienna Airport in Austria, which has been in operation since May last year. The network is used by a range of airport personnel from terminal to check-in staff, who now have access to an independent and resilient radio system to help them carry out daily operations.

Vienna Airport, which handled around 22.8 million passengers in 2015, installed two Hytera DIB-R5 advanced base stations, which provide the required network coverage. The package also included Hytera terminals: 40 MT680 mobile radios and 125 PT580H handheld radios have been issued to staff throughout the airport.

One of the key criteria for winning the contract was the ability to integrate the new TETRA system into the airport’s existing IT landscape - something Hytera Mobilfunk was able to offer thanks to its flexible system architecture.

Michael Fertig, Hytera regional director responsible for the system business in Germany, commented: "The co-operation with Vienna Airport was really very constructive and we look forward to continuing to work closely with the team on site."


Photo Copyright: Flughafen Wien AG

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