Ruckus Wi-Fi combines with TrackR to boost asset tracking capabilities

Collaboration enables end users to monitor all assets in real time using Ruckus ZoneFlex Wi-Fi access points, TrackR’s Crowd GPS network and BLE tags

Ruckus Wi-Fi combines with TrackR to boost asset tracking capabilities

Ruckus Wireless, a part of Brocade, has announced a joint solution with TrackR which leverages Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology combined with Ruckus ZoneFlex Wi-Fi access points (APs) to enhance the indoor and outdoor location services of TrackR’s Crowd GPS network.

Leveraging existing wireless infrastructure, the new integration provides customers and end users with enhanced asset movement detection in real time and provides more robust security features for enterprise, education, hospitality and large public venues.

This new integration showcases how a Ruckus AP can now operate as an Internet of Things (IoT) gateway by supporting additional radio connectivity protocols like BLE for data acquisition from tags and sensors. Ruckus ZoneFlex APs serve as two-way distributed management and asset and security monitoring for TrackR.

Ruckus also provides TrackR with the ability to acquire, contextualise and act on the sensor data being collected. As a result, TrackR can monitor devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones as well as higher value in-building infrastructure assets like TV’s, projectors and other equipment.

The installation of this solution enhances security and asset protection by triggering an alarm when devices cross defined geo-fences. This enables an in-building or campus-wide asset tracking solution that leverages the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, reducing cost and complexity.

“Our collaboration with TrackR further demonstrates the versatility of the Ruckus product portfolio,” said Bart Giordano, vice president of business development, Ruckus business unit, Brocade.

“With the addition of the new BLE radio option and the BLE Tag tracking solutions from TrackR, we are able to bring new levels of physical security to a wide range of vertical markets that were traditionally the exclusive domain of large infrastructure owners or premium network providers.”

TrackR said its mission is to completely automate the process of personal item management. TrackR’s technologies – app software, technology and wireless devices – aim to redefine personal organisation by transferring the task of remembering where all someone’s items are to comptuers.

To this end, TrackR added three new products and services to its portfolio at CES 2017, including: TrackR atlas, a home-based personal item management platform; TrackR pixel, a smaller and lighter form factor that lights up; TrackR wallet 2.0, a form factor equivalent to two stacked credit cards; and the new Amazon Alexa Find My Phone skill.

“Our goal at TrackR is to offload the task of remembering where items are to our technology, so people can take care of more important things,” said Chris Herbert, chief executive officer and co-founder, TrackR.

“Partnering with the experts at Ruckus Wireless will provide our customers with a stronger, more robust Crowd GPS network than ever before, so finding things outside the home will be even faster and easier.”

In addition to enhancing TrackR’s offering for its end users, the integration will also benefit Ruckus’s partner ecosystem by offering new managed services that take advantage of Wi-Fi beyond basic connectivity. Key ecosystem partners can leverage the new solution to improve operational efficiency and enhance their engagement with customers.

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