Icom introduces IC-F29DR digital licence-free business radio

Hand portable radio is designed to be easy to use and comes with a 26-hour battery life meaning it can last a full shift and beyond

Icom introduces IC-F29DR digital licence-free business radio

Icom has unveiled a new licence-free two-way digital business radio with a high degree of encryption. The IC-F29DR digital radio is described as ‘incredibly easy to use’, and is waterproof and comes with a long battery life.

This new radio utilises 6.25kHz narrow digital channel spacing meaning that in urban areas, where analogue PMR446 often experiences channel congestion, users will now have less interference.

The IC-F29DR can also be used with other analogue radios. The mixed mode operation means that organisations looking to replace older PMR446 radios are able to do this over a period of time.

The IC-F29DR is simple to operate with just three controls: transmit button; volume control; and rotary channel selector. These simple controls make it ideal for shift work where the radio is often passed from person to person.

The lithium Ion battery pack provides up to 26 hours of operation, enabling the IC-F29DR to last an entire shift and more.

Ian Lockyer, marketing manager for Icom UK said: 'This digital business radio is extremely compact, simple to use and offers high performance at a great price. The waterproof and dustproof protection will provide extra reliability for business users.'

The IC-F29DR is IP67 rated for waterproofing and dust-tight protection meaning it can withstand 1m depth of water for 30 minutes. This rugged construction provides dust-tight protection making it suitable for outdoor use or places prone to getting wet.

The 800mW audio output is provided from the large 36mm speaker meaning the IC-F29DR can deliver loud and intelligible audio, even in extremely noisy environments.

Similar to analogue CTCSS and DTCS codes, the digital Common ID also can be used for a group call. These codes and ID can be programmed to the 16 position rotary selector for instant call capability.

The radio is also fitted with a voice announcement function, so that when the user rotates the rotary selector, the radio announces the selected channel number and Common ID.

The Call-Ring function allows users to call group members with 12 types of ring tone. When prearranged any ring tone can be used for an emergency alert.

Other features
• Up to 26 hours of long lasting battery life
• Channel set mode
• Power ON scan
• Tone scan (analogue)
• Nuisance delete
• Answer back call (analogue)
• LED light indicator
• Status call (RX only)
• PC programmable
• AMBE+2 dPMR standard vocoder.

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