Motorola launches all-in-one single site TETRA digital radio system

DIMETRA Express integrates switch and base radio for voice, short data and telephony services in a small form factor and a set-up time of less than 15 minutes

Motorola launches all-in-one single site TETRA digital radio system

Motorola Solutions introduced its single site DIMETRA Express TETRA base station at Critical Communications Europe in Copenhagen, Denmark last week (8-9 February 2017). The expandable single-site TETRA digital radio system can be deployed within 15 minutes.

The ‘one-box’ system, which integrates base radios and a switch, was developed in response to demand from customers and partners for a product that was easy to deploy and cost effective enough to be used for smaller projects. DIMETRA Express provides smaller organisations from sectors such as manufacturing, public transport, hospitality, events and oil & gas with an affordable and easy to manage solution.

‘Where other TETRA systems can take time to get up and running, and require the support of an engineer, DIMETRA Express can literally be deployed in less than 15 minutes. For businesses, this means increasing performance, reliability and responsiveness of critical communication services while cutting costs,’ said Bruce Brda, executive vice president, Products & Services at Motorola Solutions.

DIMETRA Express is a fully integrated DIMETRA TETRA system and provides all the voice, short data services (SDS) and telephony services users require in a small physical footprint. The system is both light-weight and energy efficient, allowing quick, easy deployment and cost effective communications.

Speaking to Wireless at CC Europe, product manager Paul Wilson explained: ‘It is designed to reduce complexity. The whole idea of DIMETRA Express is to remove the perception that TETRA is complex. All you need is access to a web browser such as Windows or Android and you can set it up and configure it using a laptop or tablet.

‘All the applications to manage and operate the system are web-based so you do not need to install anything on your PC or mobile device. It has a single IP address which connect to a wireless router,’ said Wilson.

The system incorporates a real-time network performance monitoring capability, which comes in two shapes: basic view; and advanced view. Basic view only shows the parameters that must be 100% correct. The advanced view provides an additional range of parameters that customers may not need or want to use.

Wilson said: ‘The idea is to help the customer focus on what is really important. They get real-time monitoring of how the system is performing, but with the advanced view you can drill down further to get more granular information. If there is a problem, the system provides trouble-shooting advice or directs the customer to call for help elsewhere.’

The system also incorporates a web-based dispatch console with a simple flat display – all of which can accessed via a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Coverage can be expanded by adding further base stations with the switch in the DIMETRA Express unit handling the additional units. The unit can be vehicle mounted and used for temporary events, such as festivals, providing power is available.

Richard Bennett, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Global Marketing at Motorola, added: ‘We now have a single site solution for P25, DMR (Mototrbo) and TETRA so we have the advantage of being able to offer whatever solution is best for a particular customer.’

DIMETRA Express follows the DIMETRA IP Micro, DIMETRA IP Compact and DIMETRA IP Scalable, which offer local, regional and nationwide coverage respectively.

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