Ruckus and Wifirst to provide Wi-Fi solution to hotels and campsites

Ruckus will provide the necessary Wi-Fi hardware, while Wifirst manages the installation, operation and management of the access points

Ruckus and Wifirst to provide Wi-Fi solution to hotels and campsites

Ruckus Wireless, a part of Brocade, has been chosen as the Wi-Fi partner for Wifirst, an international Internet Service Provider that specialises in the deployment and management of high-speed wireless networks and connectivity solutions. The partnership will be integral to Wifirst’s implementation of its dedicated solutions for hotels and campsites.

With Wifirst supporting end-to-end Wi-Fi connectivity, the fully integrated solution is designed to deliver a quality wireless performance thereby enabling hotel owners to focus on the core of their businesses.

Arnaud Puy, COO at Wifirst and responsible for the deployment of Wifirst’s solutions, stated: “Our specialty is providing ‘Wi-Fi-as-a-Service’ solutions, meaning that we take care of everything: from equipment installation and operations to network management and supervision, including user support and on-site maintenance.”

Ruckus noted that given its background and expertise in the hospitality industry, the partnership with Wifirst comes as no surprise. Ruckus produces the required hardware, while Wifirst manages the installation, operation and management of the thousands of access points that are deployed every month.

“From the start of our partnership with Ruckus, we have appreciated its technical expertise, emphasis on quality of service, and our common philosophy of customer satisfaction,” Puy commented.

The partnership illustrates that the key to success in today’s market is a strong emphasis on reliable Wi-Fi infrastructure and a strong connection, according to Wifirst. Arnaud Puy added that: “Robust hardware, together with deployment and delivery that do not compromise on quality, are essential requirements for providing first-rate internet service, as well as additional connectivity services.”

Wifirst’s level of expertise in delivering fibre optics in hotels and outdoor accommodation venues, combined with the high performance of Ruckus’ solutions, provide optimal internet service in hotel rooms, mobile homes and other campsite locations, such as bars and swimming pools.

The demand for Wi-Fi networks in campsites is no novelty. However, the challenge these days is to provide guests with the highest quality Wi-Fi. Moreover, nowadays, high quality Wi-Fi connection constitutes a top priority for guests when deciding on holiday accommodation, as well as a vital aspect to keep guests coming back. Despite the technical complexities of deploying Wi-Fi in outdoor spaces, Wifirst has risen to the challenge.

Already a key player in France, Wifirst has recently embarked on international expansion signalled by the opening of offices in London and Barcelona; a move that will ensure that these markets will receive the local support needed to provide quality service. Moreover, the fact that the technical infrastructure is centrally managed allows Wifirst to offers it international customers a seamless Wi-Fi service.

Commenting on the partnership, Spencer Hinzen, EMEA Business Development Director, Ruckus Wireless Business Unit, Brocade, said: “For us, Wifirst is a true telecoms operator since its network collects data that circulates through our access points. The fact that they own the network enables Wifirst to manage the service end-to-end, meaning that they can provide unparalleled quality of service. We are proud that our technology can be a part of this.

Image: Wifirst/Equip Hotels

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