Pennine delivers Hytera radio solution at Etihad Stadium in Manchester

Medical team are now using compact two-way radios from Hytera to help them carry out their job at the Manchester football club

Pennine delivers Hytera radio solution at Etihad Stadium in Manchester

Bury-headquartered Pennine has delivered a two-way radio solution from Hytera to the medical team at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium. The club’s medical team completed a pre-season deal to sign up 32 Hytera X1p DMR digital mobile radios.

Having now put the kit through its paces at both home and away fixtures, Mark Sertori, City’s soft tissue therapist, reports that the new radios have significantly improved performance for the medical team

“If there’s an incident either inside or outside, the medical team, the first aiders and the doctors have got to be contactable. It’s imperative we have a clear communication line for all the medical team,” said Sertori

But Sertori was also aware that securing 100% signal coverage was going to be challenging, given the sheer scale of the site. Staff can be found anywhere within the 55,000-capacity stadium, at the neighbouring training facility – the 7,000 seat City Football Academy – or elsewhere on the sprawling Etihad Campus.

But he reports the new kit has proven up to the challenge. “I’ve gone all the way around the stadium and training complex and the coverage is fantastic, really good, with no blackspots.”

“The Hytera handsets are serving separate staff groups who can communicate with each other or privately within their own group. So if we are discussing medical information the new system allows us to keep this within the medical group to keep things confidential.”

On match days such privacy is important, as is being able to communicate quickly and clearly with the management team. For added confidence the Hytera handsets protect calls with encryption whilst discreet earpieces and microphones enable private communications between pitch and dug-out.

The quality of communication has also impressed the Manchester City medics. “Remember you can have 55,000 fans screaming and cheering so the radio communication has to be really clear, reliably clear, and it is.”

Sertori said he was impressed too with how the well the handsets tackle football life, noting that “the battery life’s good, they’re easy to use, waterproof and really robust – I’ve dropped mine three or four times now and it’s never been affected. It’s a really good piece of kit”.

Of course Sertori also understands the importance of a good ‘backroom team’ and has praised the partnership forged between Pennine and Hytera. “Between them, their staff have been brilliant, very helpful all the way through. Really, really good people, top class service from them all!”

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