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Issue 36
Issue 36July/August 2015


Harnessing standard infrastructure for specialist battlefield comms

As forces look to move away from constrained, traditional battlefield communications systems, they are turning to adaptations of commercial technologies, such as LTE, to provide the flexibility and the wide device ecosystem they need, writes George Malim

MoD calls for ideas to replace Bowman radio system

The UK Ministry of Defence’s Project MORPHEUS is casting its net wide and inviting academia, SMEs and major players to pitch in with ideas for a new military land forces communication system. James Atkinson finds out more from Rick Mather, leader for MORPHEUS at QinetiQ

Consumerisation trend drives rugged device evolution

The large format rugged mobile device industry is undergoing a revolution as users demand a more consumer product feel and Android takes an even greater share of the market, as Kate O’Flaherty reports

Critical comms take its first steps on the broadband migration trail

This year’s Critical Communications World show saw vendors unveiling some of the first products and solutions to aid interoperability between existing narrowband public safety networks and other technologies such as 4G LTE. James Atkinson reports from Barcelona

Tait looks to play a critical role in evolving future communications

PMR will continue to provide critical communications solutions in the future despite the advent of broadband technology, claims Tait CEO Garry Diack. Vendors need to exploit their market expertise, form partnerships and provide the right apps and services in addition to the hardware, he tells James Atkinson

Steady as she goes for small cells

The emphasis in the small cells sector seems to have switched from innovation and new products to dealing with implementation and deployment issues – signs of a maturing market? James Atkinson reports from the Small Cells World Summit 2015