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Issue 38
Issue 38November / December 2015


Making the right connections in modern healthcare

Connected healthcare has the potential to transform medical care, but to be successful it requires a holistic approach to people, cultures, processes and technology, as well as overcoming regulatory, patient privacy and data security issues, reports Kate O’Flaherty

Wi-Fi spreads its wings

The performance of Wi-Fi has increased hugely over the past five years and it is now enabling more than just connectivity, as network owners add new applications such as voice over Wi-Fi, location and proximity services and potentially become a platform for M2M and IoT applications. James Atkinson reports

Living in a Wi-Fi world: how it came to be

Paul Hellings, Director WiFi and Small Cells at Arqiva, looks at the evolution of Wi-Fi and offers some thoughts on how it might develop in the future

PMR moves towards a digital future

User needs and technological advances are leading the LMR world in a direction that is broadband focused. Leading industry voices, however, see enabling cellular technologies such as LTE as complementary and working alongside existing technologies such as DMR, dPMR and others for many years to come. Tim Guest reports

What’s next for Airwave?

With Airwave out of the bidding for the UK’s £1.2 billion Emergency Services Network there are question marks over its future. But there are plenty of other opportunities out there, Airwave CEO Richard Bobbett, tells James Atkinson

Carrier-grade Wi-Fi on the rise

Advances in Wi-Fi technology have enabled it to provide a strong platform for operators to take advantage of a range of new business opportunities, as the WBA’s Ton Brand explains to James Atkinson

Bringing rapid response Wi-Fi connectivity to disaster areas

Communications networks often fail when natural disasters hit, but they are vital both for the affected communities and the relief organisations trying to help. This is where rapid response communications networks can make a huge difference, as Evert Bopp, founder and CEO, Disaster Tech Lab explains to James Atkinson

The changing face of Professional Mobile Radio

Despite the advent of smartphones, two-way radio technology still has an important role to play, but the industry needs to work together to take advantage of the opportunities and overcome the challenges it faces, argues Andrew Wilson, managing director and founder of new Hytera distributor Syndico

Market Access Regulation – all change please, all change

Companies supplying products into the radio industry need to ensure they conform to the new EU Market Access Regulation directives or they could face heavy penalties, warns Tim Cull, Head of Business Radio at the FCS.