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Issue 33
Issue 33Jan /February 2015


PMR vendors continue to innovate

PMR vendors continue to innovate Cologne’s PMR Expo 2014 saw most of the established PMR manufacturers demonstrating their latest products and solutions, but it also highlighted potential competition from China, with no less than 11 two-way radio and accessories firms in attendance, as James Atkinson reports

Meeting the security threats in LTE

The move to 4G LTE networks is exposing operators and end users to new security risks because the LTE architecture is much flatter and more IP-centric than 3G, meaning there are fewer steps to access the core network. Robin Kent, director of European operations at Adax, argues that operators need to address security as a multi-level problem

Time to get back to (virtual) reality with NFV

Network functions virtualisation is being hailed as a way to dynamically add capacity to networks at a much reduced cost. However, migration to NFV is likely to be far more difficult than people think. Pravin Mirchandani, CMO, OneAccess, calls for ‘plausible NFV’ amid a world of ill-judged proof-of-concepts

Extending mobile networks with carrier Wi-Fi

Once regarded with suspicion, mobile operators are now using Wi-Fi to grow capacity, while cutting costs and increasing efficiency, reports Kate O’Flaherty

In-building coverage set for take-off

There is now a good choice of in-building solutions to boost cellular coverage and capacity indoors. What needs to be decided are the go-to-market models and who pays for what. James Atkinson reports

Outdoor small cells await lift-off

Outdoor small cells will be needed to densify networks and provide capacity closer to end user devices at street level, but operators have been slow to deploy them so far, as James Atkinson finds out

Virtualisation opportunities are real transformative for operators

Virtualisation presents mobile operators with an opportunity to reset their cost bases by taking new technical approaches to network hardware and operation, writes George Malim

The hunt for the next generation mobile technology

5G is being touted as the answer to a wide range of proposed mobile applications, but as James Atkinson finds out, there is little agreement yet as to what it actually is