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Issue 42
Issue 42July -August 2016


How to get reliable wireless coverage on trains

The UK lags behind many Continental countries in deploying reliable wireless coverage on trains. Cobham Wireless and RFS invited a range of experts from Government, the rail industry and the telecoms industry to discuss ways to improve the situation. James Atkinson reports

The right mobile rugged computing tools for the job

Continuing consumerisation in the rugged devices space is leading to a widespread shift to Android operating systems, while end users are becoming more involved in purchasing decisions, reports Kate O’Flaherty

The perfect price for IoT

Value-based pricing is a pricing principle that determines the value of a product or service according to the benefit that the user derives from it. Dr Alexander Lautz, Senior Vice President M2M at Deutsche Telekom, explains why the mobile operator considers it to be a promising approach for the Internet of Things

TETRA meets 4G critical communications at CCW 2016

This year’s Critical Communications World event held in Amsterdam gave ample evidence of the changes underway in the industry. James Atkinson reports on some of the highlights

Thales steers a course to the mission critical broadband future

Thales has evolved three business models for critical communications customers to access 4G LTE broadband services, underpinned by its cyber security solutions, as Marc Darmon, EVP and MD of its Secure Communications and Information Systems divisions explains

Huawei targets the LTE critical communications space

Huawei is one of the four major mobile network infrastructure suppliers to commercial mobile operators, but it is also an active participant in helping to shape the 4G LTE standard to meet mission critical specifications, as Norman Frisch, Chairman, eLTE Industry Alliance, explains to James Atkinson

Airbus readies itself for the broadband critical communications future

Airbus Defence & Space has added new capabilities to its Tactilon Suite of mission critical solutions in readiness for customers looking to move from narrowband to broadband networks