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Issue 44
Issue 44November- December 2016


5G to open up new healthcare possibilities

5G is being built around use cases for industry and other sectors, in addition to person to person communications. One of the most intriguing areas is healthcare, so what surgical and therapeutic solutions might it enable? James Atkinson finds out from Ericsson and King’s College London

Lancom expands into cloud management for Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi equipment market is dominated by US vendors, but Lancom Systems, is major supplier in its native Germany with a particularly strong presence in the retail and hospitality sectors and now it is looking to move into the UK, managing partner Stefan Herrlich, tells James Atkinson

The next generation of technology fuelling healthcare

Adherence to medication regimens and managing long term health conditions are a growing focus for the connected healthcare industry, while artificial intelligence can help with remote diagnosis and treatment, reports Kate O’Flaherty

Business radio market provides good pickings

Despite the rise of other radio technologies and the continuing popularity of analogue systems, the cost-optimised digital radio market is seeing strong growth, and vendors believe there is plenty of life in the sector, reports James Atkinson

The challenges facing UK business radio

With spectrum in short supply in parts of the country, Ofcom’s review of the UHF 2 Band is a concern for the business radio community, while proximate interference from new Internet of Things devices is a major potential threat, as Tim Cull of the FCS explains to James Atkinson

Driving standardisation of mission critical LTE

The TCCA’s Critical Communications Broadband Group is helping to shape the introduction of mission critical functionality into the 3GPP LTE standard. James Atkinson gets a progress report from CCBG chair Tero Pesonen

Facing up to the IoT security threat

One of the biggest challenges facing the Internet of Things is security. The Cambridge Wireless IoT Security SIG met in London in September 2016 to discuss whether advances in technology could solve the problem, as James Atkinson reports

Embracing the fixed wireless broadband opportunity

Advances in wireless technology boosting speeds and cpacity are opening up new possibilities for WISPs to take on wired broadband Internet providers, as Mimosa’s Jaime Fink explains to James Atkinson

What’s next for Wi-Fi technology?

802.11ad WiGig is the latest Wi-Fi standard to reach commercialisation, with the first certified products now available for trials. James Atkinson catches up with Wi-Fi Alliance president and CEO Edgar Figueroa to find out more about it and the other proposed standards coming down the line